this site is constructed // what happens next?

von gümüsay

Asking questions is good – both for the questioner and especially for the respondent:  How can I know what I think, until I think about what I know?

And when I was asked at the Zahnräder Conference about Oxford University and recommendations for books and other things, I thought a bit about these questions on the way back to the UK. And here is the outcome:

I will attempt to continue to publish one article blogpost each month on topics around Social Sustainability, Education, Knowledge Management & Transfer, Leadership, Strategy, Organisation, Innovation,  Time- and Change-Management, Social Entrepreneurship, Islamic Business Ethics and Islamic Entrepreneurship. You can find an overview of previously published posts here.

// and.

I will try to add a monthly book as well as a “media” recommendation/review. With media, I mean a video, picture, audio or link. Topics will almost inevitably be similar to the article blogposts mentioned above. Suggestions are most welcome!

Additionally, I will write a monthly blogpost – in German –  about life in Oxford, i.e. Oxford city, university, colleges, traditions.  I hope these will be of interest.

In sum: around one post a week. 4 posts a month starting the day after tomorrow. This site is constructed. This site is under construction. So watch this place and enjoy!